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Let us tailor a web application for you so you can experience how cloud-based software can combine a simple user interface with a high level of performance.

Bespoke software with a high level of performance

A web app is a cloud-based application/program developed from the same technology that is used for a traditional home page. Web apps run in the user's browser, which ensures compatibility on all hardware and software platforms.

Intuitive web applications with high performance

A web app is an interactive web page that automatically adapts to the user’s cell phone or tablet. A web- based application is always used in a browser, which of course also means that an internet connection is required for the app to function. At FrontIT, we are focused on developing web applications with simple, intuitive interfaces and high performance. The individual solutions are cloud-based, and are designed and built from the ground up.

Our first priority is to create a solution that satisfies your requirements. For this purpose, we offer a service package that takes care of all kinds of scenarios. We can do concepts, design, development, support and even scale unique solutions for your business (and we also believe that you will need scalability when your system gets up and running). If your solution requires your app to work with third party tools, we will do the necessary integration, so the solution satisfies all agreements and expectations.

In our experience, the customer will often expand and adjust their initial requirements during the development process. That happens, normally, when new insights produce new ideas, and your understanding of the possibilities reveals new possibilities. We want to create a dynamic process that will allow dynamic changes and adjustments during the project development. That is a realistic approach to a development project and we have a lot of experience in working this way.

What are the advantages of a web application?

A web application typically requires a smaller budget than a native app or hybrid app. The software development for a web app is the least resource-intensive of the various kinds of software development.

Web applications are also a sure winner regarding compatibility/accessibility, because the browser will adapt the screen display 100% to the user’s device (such as the iPhone, Android, Tablet, Windows Phone).

When designing an application such as a web app, there are – in addition to the price aspect – several other advantages. A benefit that absolutely must be highlighted is that future updates or changes will be immediately propagated to all users because the application runs as a web app. The user, therefore, does not have to think about updates and so on.

Because the application runs in the browser, most technical support tasks are not your company’s problem. They are taken care of in the cloud environment. This means that a web app does not need much maintenance.

SShall we design your new cloud-based web application?

We would like to build a web app for you that will convince your customers. We will start by finding out exactly what it is you need – we will let you tell us what you want to achieve and then show you how it can be done with good communication and professional project management.

Contact us today to hear how you can add value to your business with a modern and efficient web application.

Technology in the cloud and a dialogue with its feet on the ground

At FrontIT, there are a lot of people who know a good many programming languages. We have mastered a wide range of technologies which we have tested thoroughly. We know what our tools are able to do, and we have a track record that proves it.

And even though we are a bunch of nerds with our heads in the software and in the clouds, we are completely down-to- earth when talking to you. You will not have to put up with insider tech-speak. We will talk with you in a normal human language and find out what needs to be done.

We will do whatever is necessary to make the development process be transparent for you during the project, and also afterwards – if and when you need additional functionality etc.

We attach great importance to a dialogue where there is commitment and ambition on both sides – and where people are speaking as equals.

Internally, of course, our team will also be talking to each other all the time to ensure a high level of project quality – regardless of the technology we use on your project.

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Henrik is working in our Copenhagen office, and has over 12 years experience in web and mobile development, digital strategy & consulting, digital transformation, consumer-to-consumer online marketplaces, online branding. Henrik‘s previous professional experience includes Klausen + Partners A/S, Aller Media A/S, McCann Copenhagen A/S and digital agency Geist.


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