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HTML5 is the latest iteration of the standard markup language for the World Wide Web. It was released in autumn 2014, 23 years after the first publicly available description of HTML that was originally called “HTML Tags”. HTML5 was designed for better support of rich multimedia elements and interoperable implementations; it extends or introduces markups for documents and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and cross-platform capabilities while maintaining human-friendliness and consistency across various devices.

Why Choose HTML/HTML5?

There’s hardly any choice for anyone wishing to have a presence on the World Wide Web – HTML is the standard here. In view of the constant changes in the technological landscape, the ever-growing variety of hardware devices and their form factors, and the importance of the ultimate user experience, it is obvious that using anything but HTML5, which combines the best elements of HTML and XHTML, yes, even the question of choosing a particular HTML version (HTML5 vs earlier) becomes not a question of “if” someone should adopt the latest one, but rather – “when” that would need to happen. Using an earlier HTML specification would result in a highly complex development process and significantly increased costs or would compromise functionality and user experience and negatively impact the potential value of the product being created.

HTML and FrontIT

FrontIT is renowned for its experience in delivering web development solutions, including HTML development. With more than 10 years of specialised experience under our belts with developing solutions for e-commerce, websites, and web applications, a proven track record of delivery, and a pool of happy customers, we are committed to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective HTML solutions possible for every project we work on.

To ensure that we achieve the client’s targets regarding price, scope, quality and time of delivery, we use, among other things, the following tools:

  • the Agile project management methodology
  • a tested model of communication to identify and document your company’s requirements
  • comprehensive, automised quality control procedures

Our Specialty

FrontIT builds its HTML solutions with sustainability, maintainability, and the user experience in mind. Whenever possible, we do our best to ensure that the final product or service will be scalable and cross-platform capable, regardless of whether it is a device or software platform.

Whether you need a helping hand for your current HTML team, to outsource an individual phase or module, or to purchase end-to-end, one-stop-shop HTML development services to build a custom UX design, write code, test and deploy the solution, and manage the process along the way, we can do it.

  • HTML development of web pages, applications and mobile apps, including cross-platform capable software
  • HTML consulting and outsourcing/body-shopping
  • HTML-based, responsive interface and UX design
  • HTML troubleshooting, maintenance, and support of legacy systems

Why Choose Us

At FrontIT we’re always working to keep up with the latest technologies, so we can deal with the latest security, operational, and functionality challenges and can incorporate the latest state-of-the-art trends and practices into our work. Our solutions receive the highest possible feedback responses, and the fact that we do keep up with all the latest developments is almost certainly one of the reasons for that.

Whether you’re building a web application, a data-processing business system or an interactive mobile app, we are always ready to provide you with professional advice and ensure that your investment is ready for future developments.

  • We will provide experienced professionals who can deliver a variety of solutions according to your business requirements.
  • We are compliant with the latest industry standards and, by default, design and develop using HTML5 to provide feature-rich and mobile-ready interactive applications to take your business to next level.
  • We will always build a team of programmers, project managers, testing engineers, and other professionals whose experience profiles best suit your specific project needs.

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