FrontIT PhoneGap Development Services for Mobile Apps

PhoneGap features:

  • PhoneGap allows the reuse of existing web-based code (HTML/JavaScript) for faster and more cost-effective development of mobile applications.
  • Unlike some other frameworks for hybrid application development, PhoneGap can provide access to the HTML5-ready native capabilities of the OS/device, such as GPS, accelerometer, camera, vibration, etc., allowing your cross-platform code to make use of those features.
  • PhoneGap supports versioning for multiple mobile platforms.
  • Development using web-based technology, such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript, ensures higher efficiency and lower development costs compared to more specialized languages such as Objective-C.
  • Provides tools, features, and technologies for faster and easier development and testing processes, including an AIR simulator, site-specific versioning, and access to client APIs and Objective-C code.
  • PhoneGap supports all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
  • PhoneGap is based on an open source product (Cordova)

The values and drivers of our business are:

  • Delivery at the agreed time and price
  • Management of the project in a fully transparent and Agile way, or according to customer requirements
  • Open and effective communication
  • User experience is the cornerstone of our solutions
  • No strings attached – no hidden costs.

Hire our tightly knit team of professionals and let us to help you to achieve more in your business by creating UX-focused, feature-rich, integrated, robust and scalable solutions:

  • FrontIT's team of developers are experienced in delivering solutions on multiple different platforms and operating systems
  • FrontIT's development and management processes utilise industry-standard best practices,
  • FrontIT has experience working with and understanding the needs of many industries and clients: travel, public, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, telco, ERP and document management, and many more.
  • FrontIT provides development of custom solution services with specific or cross-platform targets, as well as porting application between/to iOS, Android, Windows Phone.
  • FrontIT can also customise, maintain, integrate and trouble-shoot legacy, third-party or open source solutions, applications, or application packages.

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Memberships and qualifications

Microsoft Silver
We employ Zend Certified engineer
All of our testers are ISTQB-certified