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WordPress and FrontIT

No matter what is the complexity of your project, FrontIT experienced WordPress development team is here for you as a one-stop-shop service provider to guide you and deliver the solution, from design to go-live, to support and maintenance. Whether you have an existing platform to work with, or building a brand-new future-rich website, requiring custom design, plugins, or modules – our team can handle that.

With more than 10 years of experience in WordPress development, FrontIT has a proven track record of delivering WordPress projects that constantly meet and exceed customers’ expectations, and provide one-of-a-kind user experience for end users. We take care of all the technical work behind the website and let you enjoy the end result and be able to tell your story using your site, while we would be here for you to support you along the way, in the most effective way possible.

Our WordPress development services include:

  • Custom WordPress development
  • WordPress deployment
  • WordPress CMS customisation
  • WordPress Website creation
  • WordPress theme design, development, customisation, and adaptation
  • WordPress plugin design, development, customisation, and adaptation
  • WordPress module design and development
  • Migration from other CMS into WordPress
  • WordPress integration with third-party systems and solutions
  • WordPress ongoing maintenance, support, and troubleshooting

Even though WordPress is mostly free and distributed under the terms of GNU GPL - meaning that by choosing WordPress, users incur no licensing costs - we recommend choosing professional development services, such as provided by FrontIT, to avoid trial & error experiences and some caveats of free open source software, such as low-quality free templates and themes.

By choosing FrontIT services you’ll gain critical access to our experienced team to utilise our best practices that will help to minimise time-to-market, ensure a top-notch end-user experience, and maximise the value that WordPress can provide – all through the process of managing the journey as a comprehensive project - from analysis of business requirements to the WordPress-based design, development, testing, deployment, and/or support and maintenance. The effectiveness of your investments is our definition of success!

Why choose WordPress?

For anyone considering a CMS, WordPress is a natural contender. Chances are it would perfectly fit and meet your business needs, with exceptional user experience. Here’s our takeaway on why WordPress might be the CMS of choice:

Mobile readiness

With users accessing the web with so many different devices it is imperative to have a platform that would ensure the website looks and performs great, no matter the form factor of the device – be it a high-res desktop monitor, or small screen on a mobile phone.

The responsive themes take care of that hurdle, without requiring additional work for design and development. And most themes available for WordPress are indeed compliant with responsive design principles, making them mobile – or in fact any other device – ready with ease and most often with no additional cost.

Easy customisation

WordPress can be customised extensively with ease. Want a new fresh look for your website? – the customisation section of a WordPress administrator area provides just that: from customising various features, such as a colour scheme, to selecting a new theme completely – all is just few clicks away.

And when it comes to customising functional capabilities, thousands of free and paid plugins, or ones that might be custom-built for some specific needs, are available for nearly automated deployment: from managing your SEO data, to adding subscriptions forms, to enabling e-commerce capabilities.

Huge community

Having a huge community of users, such as the one for WordPress, first and foremost provides a security for your investment. No matter who was the original provider of WordPress development services, no matter what changes you’re planning to implement, or issues you’re experiencing, you can be assured you’d be able to get support from seasoned professionals using and working with the WordPress platform every day.

And once premium themes, plugins, or products are selected, such as ones provided by FrontIT, you’d normally be provided with a dedicated support team ready to assist you with any challenge along the way.

Born to be a blog

From the very start, WordPress was designed and developed as a convenient and easy-to-use blogging platform. Even if it has grown into a feature-rich CMS, blogs remain the integral part of WordPress and thus arguably provides the best user experience than any other CMS in the market, providing the state-of-the-art tool for effective and efficient implementation of content-driven growth strategy for your website.

Mature environment

With more than 10 years of development under its belt and worldwide adoption, WordPress has proven itself as a mature, kink-free platform, capable of serving needs of most of the users and businesses. To put it simply, WordPress wouldn’t be running 27+% of websites in the world if it wasn’t efficient, secure, and robust.

Easy to use and quick deployment

WordPress is famous with its ease of use and quick adoption. The functional backend provides exceptional user experience when managing the content where nothing gets lost in the process.

And in most cases, the instance of WordPress can be deployed very quickly, as quick as in a single day. The ultimate timeline is of course a subject of the extent of required customisations, but WordPress provides rich content management functionality at its core, thus minimising required investments and reducing time-to- market for your presence online.

SEO friendly

WordPress is designed to foster and make SEO experience as easy as possible, automatically solving many SEO-related issues – WordPress is 99% SEO friendly, as stated by Google. WordPress achieves such high score by automatically and efficiently covering such important SEO criteria areas as XML Sitemap, good coding HTML generation standards, fast loading speeds, image optimisation, social media integration, and so on.

And you can enhance your SEO results even further by deploying various existing WordPress SEO plugins and/or choosing professional SEO advisory services to maximise the benefits of a technological platform that WordPress provides.

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