You will discover how our technological know-how and understanding of your business needs and user experience all come together. Whether your app is for iOS or Android, you are in good hands with FrontIT.

At FrontIT, we develop mobile apps for both iOS And Android as native apps – in other words, apps tailored to one particular platform – and also as hybrid apps, where the same app covers both platforms. We are aware that companies expect professional, high-quality software solutions. That is what we deliver.


Practically any business idea could turn into an 'ambitious' project – from online payments and travel bookings to customer systems and many more. We have a lot of experience with a wide range of tasks in the area of mobile apps – and you will benefit from that, regardless of your niche or area of business.

Maybe you don’t know what kind of software would be best for your mobile strategy? Or maybe you are a lot further in the process and need to talk about specific technical issues? Regardless of what phase you are in, FrontIT can deliver intuitive apps for both iOS and Android – apps that will create value for both your business and your users – virtually guaranteed.

Regardless of your starting point, we are convinced that you will get the best solution if you get a professional app that has been constructed by a team with broad, deep experience. With FrontIT you get a team that knows what it is doing.


We speak many languages at FrontIT. Programming languages that is. But we speak a normal language to our clients. No tech jargon.

Complexity is almost unavoidable when it comes to app development, but we are committed to talking so you can understand us. It will be a dialogue where we are listening as much as we are talking. In short, a dialogue where both parties are working together to achieve a good result.

Internally, we know that it is important for our team members to be in constant communication with each other. Regardless of whether we are working on a native or a hybrid app, the result will be built on many man-years of experience. This experience helps in building the many different kinds of software solutions that we do – for clients who need a really good solution.


Careful consideration and the choice of the proper strategy for app development and the ability to react quickly to market developments are the keys to success with mobile projects.

At FrontIT, we think that all projects must start with asking the right questions. And then there must be clear, effective, transparent communication and effective, flexible project management. Our app development process is designed to ensure:

Quick results

Our methods are focused on fast development and phased construction of functionality. We use the principles of Agile software development.

Full transparency

You will get a clear view of the process and will be able to give us feedback and prioritise the tasks at any time.

High Quality

By using test-driven programming and automated test processes and tools, we can make sure that all the problems and defects will be caught and resolved at an early stage.

Maximum Business Value

We will listen to your feedback and give the highest priority to the tasks that contribute the greatest value to your business. In that way, you will get to market more quickly with a basic product and there will be flexibility if some requirements need to be adjusted.


At a time when everything is moving fast, and users are in the centre, companies are always on the lookout for ways to shorten production time, achieve higher performance, and improve the user experience. With two major operating systems and many more small ones on the market, it is very relevant to ask yourself the following question: Is shortening the development time more important than getting a tailor-made user experience on the individual platform? Shall we hurry to cover all the relevant operating systems in one go, or shall we do the individual systems one at a time?


A native app is developed for a specific platform on the basis of a technology that is unique for that platform. This means that you can take advantage of possibilities and functions available in that platform’s operating system that are not necessarily available on competing platforms. At the same time, there will be direct access to hardware features such as GPS and fingerprint scanners etc, and so-called native APIs, which differ from platform to platform. In a context where there is a need for a lot of CPU power (if the display needs to be updated often, or if there is a lot of heavy multimedia and graphics), then direct access will give better performance. This allows for the best user experience to be created, one that is tailored to the individual platform and has the greatest security and highest level of performance.


Also known as a cross-platform app, a hybrid app makes it possible for you to optimize your investment and make your product available faster, to a wider audience. By taking advantage of cross-platform technologies such as HTML5, jQuery Mobile, Ionic, and Cordova, FrontIT’s software developers can make your app instantly available for users on any of the larger platforms: iOS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry. Compared to developing a native app for each platform, hybrid apps will give considerable cost savings – up to 40% – both in relation to the cost of development and maintenance as well as development time and a shorter time-to-market.