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We design, we build, we support, we ask the right questions.

Consulting, IT strategy, software engineering, product development, dedicated round-the-clock support, data science and analytics, websites, web apps, e-commerce, mobile solutions – whether you come to us with an already existing project or just the initial idea for it, our goal is for you to have high-performance software that’s actually easy to use and brings evident value to your business.

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Areas of Focus

IoT Seamless integrations with different IoT operators, experience with complex payment hardware, GPS Telematics solutions, IoT software with versatile API functionalities.
eCommerce Optimised UX, advanced UI, data monitoring, predictive analytics and full eshop integration with sales, logistics, delivery.
FinTech Payment system architecture and handling, GDPR compliance, PSD2 payment initiation service, experience working with sandboxes of various commercial banks.
Self-service systems Optimised UX, advanced UI, data monitoring, predictive analytics and full self-service systems integration with management, bill payment, gift coupons and other services.

With our offices both in Copenhagen and Vilnius, we value a global outlook and continue building long-lasting partnerships with our clients all across the Nordic region.


Our Customers

eCommerce website for a Scandinavian art shop.

Smart sonar models, fish tracking app, the bathymetry management platform Lakebook™.

Custom-built online platform for creating employee surveys.

Custom-developed digital documentation tool for self-inspection and quality assurance.

Mobile app for convenient and free-of-charge periodic payments.

Mobile app for a logistics software solution provider.

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Donatas Bingelis joined us as Quality Assurance Engineer almost two and half years ago now and has grown a lot with the company. Now Donatas is stepping into the new role of Quality Assurance Chapter Lead and shares his experience in #FrontIT. By the way, congratulations on your career progression! 🔸 Can you briefly introduce your new role and responsibilities? With new position come new responsibilities. A few of them - being responsible for team members' personal growth, managing team's work load and project allocations, interviewing potential newcomers of the QA chapter. 🔸 What is your greatest strength? Having enough devotion and willpower to compose myself and go to office everyday. 🔸 What is the FrontIT team like? How is it working together? We have a decent balance going on with some colleagues, who we rarely see or never meet in the office, as well as some talkative and outgoing people in our company. So either way you'll find your spot at FrontIT. 🔸 What is the biggest challenge for you at work? Getting up in the morning and not playing table tennis too often. It's also challenging to resist the beer which we have plenty of in our fridge. 🔸 What projects are you currently working on? While working in FrontIT I've been a part of variety of projects which specify in different areas - car parking, car tracking using GPS, utilities and public services payments, car wash, employee surveys, exotic trips and so on. #people #work #career #growth
Front IT 1 year ago
We're dedicating the whole of April to FrontIT Move More Month! 🏃‍♀️ All the way from 1st April to 1st May we are focusing on getting active by running, cycling or walking. The main goal is to get plenty of fresh air, clear our mind and walk as many kilometres as possible. Seven FrontIT teams compete against each other in a continuous movement challenge on Strava app. Good luck to everyone! #FrontIT #movemoremonth
Front IT 1 year ago
Kasparas Salatka, a Quality Assurance Engineer, is well versed in writing automated tests using the Selenium tool. Today is a day of sharing experience and knowledge by attending the Quality Assurance Automation Workshop. It is good to see that each of us is personally raising our own competence and that of the whole QA chapter. #FrontIT #qualityassurance
Front IT 1 year ago
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