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We design, we build, we support, we ask the right questions.

Consulting, IT strategy, software engineering, product development, dedicated round-the-clock support, data science and analytics, websites, web apps, e-commerce, mobile solutions – whether you come to us with an already existing project or just the initial idea for it, our goal is for you to have high-performance software that’s actually easy to use and brings evident value to your business.

More of What We Do

Areas of Focus

IoT Seamless integrations with different IoT operators, experience with complex payment hardware, GPS Telematics solutions, IoT software with versatile API functionalities.
eCommerce Optimised UX, advanced UI, data monitoring, predictive analytics and full eshop integration with sales, logistics, delivery.
FinTech Payment system architecture and handling, GDPR compliance, PSD2 payment initiation service, experience working with sandboxes of various commercial banks.

With our offices both in Copenhagen and Vilnius, we value a global outlook and continue building long-lasting partnerships with our clients all across the Nordic region.


Our Customers

eCommerce website for a Scandinavian art shop.

Smart sonar models, fish tracking app, the bathymetry management platform Lakebook™.

Custom-built online platform for creating employee surveys.

Custom-developed digital documentation tool for self-inspection and quality assurance.

Mobile app for convenient and free-of-charge periodic payments.

Mobile app for a logistics software solution provider.

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Mental and physical health is extremely important to us, so last month we’ve split into 9 teams and took on the challenge of who could cycle + run the most kilometres! Together we’ve managed to reach 7691 km with the winning team DKMS being responsible for 2451 of it 🥳
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WE'RE HIRING! 🤓 To join our ever-growing team, we're currently looking for: 🔸 Senior PHP developer – lnkd.in/eteZx_6 🔸 Front-end developer – lnkd.in/enGc94H 🔸 Lead Full Stack .NET developer – lnkd.in/eVKdz6m Send us your CV to info@frontit.dk or simply fill out an application form at www.frontit.dk/en/career #hiring #developer #frontenddeveloper #vilnius
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A new report from Transforma Insights and 6GWorld has shown that #IoT operations in 2030 will save more than eight times the #energy they consume, amounting to net savings of 230 billion cubic meters of water and eliminating one gigaton of CO2 emissions.  In terms of electricity, the report found that IoT solutions will also reduce electricity consumption by more than 1.6 petawatt-hours (PWh), enough electricity to support more than 136.5 million homes’ energy use for one year! Find the link to the study and its in-depth overview in the comment section down below. ⬇
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Whether you simply have an idea for your project or need to accelerate your business, we’re here to help you make this process as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We can either fully assist you in launching a completely new project or we can help you re-evaluate your existing business/product and boost it to a new level. More details at www.frontit.dk/en/services
Front IT 1 week ago
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