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We design, we build, we support, we ask the right questions.

Consulting, IT strategy, software engineering, product development, dedicated round-the-clock support, data science and analytics, websites, web apps, e-commerce, mobile solutions – whether you come to us with an already existing project or just the initial idea for it, our goal is for you to have high-performance software that’s actually easy to use and brings evident value to your business.

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Areas of Focus

IoT Seamless integrations with different IoT operators, experience with complex payment hardware, GPS Telematics solutions, IoT software with versatile API functionalities.
eCommerce Optimised UX, advanced UI, data monitoring, predictive analytics and full eshop integration with sales, logistics, delivery.
FinTech Payment system architecture and handling, GDPR compliance, PSD2 payment initiation service, experience working with sandboxes of various commercial banks.
Self-service systems Optimised UX, advanced UI, data monitoring, predictive analytics and full self-service systems integration with management, bill payment, gift coupons and other services.

With our offices both in Copenhagen and Vilnius, we value a global outlook and continue building long-lasting partnerships with our clients all across the Nordic region.


Our Customers

eCommerce website for a Scandinavian art shop.

Smart sonar models, fish tracking app, the bathymetry management platform Lakebook™.

Custom-built online platform for creating employee surveys.

Custom-developed digital documentation tool for self-inspection and quality assurance.

Mobile app for convenient and free-of-charge periodic payments.

Mobile app for a logistics software solution provider.

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In the digital age, technology is what drives businesses forward. We've summarised some of the enhancements IT can bring to your business. 1️⃣ Elevating UX- there are many ways in which IT can boost UX ranging from developing user-friendly interface, through optimising your website speed, personalising user experience, and beyond. 2️⃣ Harnessing data- there are many tools you can utilise for gathering data, learning more about trends and customers' behaviours and making more informed, evidence-based decisions. 3️⃣ Scaling opportunities- whether you want to expand to new markets or scale your team, leveraging IT services can be an immense help. Is your organisation leveraging IT to its full potential? 💡 {hashtag|\#|IT} {hashtag|\#|growth} {hashtag|\#|scalability}
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