Self Service Hub- A Modular Solution That Empowers Your Clients

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Where efficiency meets customers satisfaction

Self Service Hub empowers your customers to take charge of their interactions with your business, offering a secure platform for managing accounts, paying invoices, signing digital contracts, and placing orders. They can address inquiries at their convenience, minimizing the need for direct support. Seamlessly integrated with your ERP system and various payment providers, Self Service Hub ensures real-time updates on accounts, products, pricing, and services.  

Regardless of your industry, whether you operate in FinTech, eCommerce, utilities, or any other sector, Self Service Hub provides the flexibility and functionality essential for your success.  

Why Choose Self Service Hub? 

Adaptability: We provide industry-specific features and customization options to ensure a perfect fit for your operations and customers. 

Proven Excellence: Self Service Hub satisfied customer base has grown to 500,000+ users in previous years and continues to expand. 

Did you know? Over 60% of customers prefer self-service portals for simple tasks like tracking orders, making payments, and accessing account information. 

Don't miss out on this significant trend. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how Self Service Hub can transform your business operations. 

FFSelf Service Hub offers extensive customization options to align with your business needs, providing a diverse selection of over 100 individual modules. You have the flexibility to choose the features that best match your requirements, personalize dashboards, and adjust the portal design according to your brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and alignment with your brand identity

Your Business Impact

Accelerated Time to Market: Self Service Hub can be deployed quickly and efficiently. Within just 3 months, you can have a fully functional platform ready to serve your customers, ensuring your business remains agile and ahead of the curve.  

Enhanced Value Proposition: Self Service Hub helps you minimize both initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs. By empowering your customers to autonomously manage their accounts, orders, and payments, you reduce the pressure on support teams, freeing up resources for other critical tasks and potentially reducing support costs.

Improved Customer Experience: Our solution empowers customers to take charge of their interactions with your business and resolve issues independently. With over 85% of customers expecting such autonomy, Self Service Hub enables you to meet and exceed their expectations, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key features

Secure Login

Enhance your customer's security and convenience with our digital identification login feature. Leveraging the power of widely used and nationally recognized digital IDs like BankID, our integration allows your customers to log in instantly and securely using their existing credentials.

Online Payments

With our Hub, your clients can effortlessly make secure online payments and store credit cards for streamlined future transactions. Additionally, we offer standardized integrations with key payment systems, ensuring seamless processing and enhanced convenience.

Digital Signature and Contract Management

Enable your clients to enjoy seamless access to comprehensive invoice history and the convenience of digitally signing new contracts securely and efficiently.

Mobile App

Provide your customers with the opportunity to access their data anytime, anywhere through our fully responsive mobile app, available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Seamless ERP Integrations

Empower your customers with the ability to access and manage their account, order information, and sign contracts in real-time through direct integration with your ERP system.

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