XBase Digital

Enhanced customer experience and efficiency with a versatile crypto payment system.

Revolutionizing Crypto Payment Solutions with Modular Technology

Xbase Digital, a crypto asset payment provider, needed a comprehensive solution to handle crypto payments. Their primary goal was to introduce a new product into the market, targeting potential customers with a fresh, innovative solution in the crypto payment field. 

FrontIT collaborated with Xbase to develop a comprehensive system that integrates with a variety of third-party services, including cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. It consists of a mobile Point-of-Sale, web Point-of-Sale, an administrative panel (CRM), and numerous third-party integrations, all streamlined for handling cryptocurrencies efficiently. Key to this system's functionality and versatility is the integration of modules from our Self Service Hub, which enhanced the system's capabilities and user experience. 


Outcome Highlights

The project was brought to life by a dedicated team comprising of a tech solution lead, back- and front-end developers, business analysts, a project manager, a quality assurance specialist, and mobile app developers. It was implemented using an agile methodology, ensuring flexibility, and timely delivery of features. 

  • FrontIT conducted comprehensive market research, business analysis, and user experience studies to fully understand Xbase's needs and goals. 

  • We integrated various cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto wallets, facilitating real-time payments for goods and services via QR code scanning. 

  • We customized and implemented Self Service Hub modules to facilitate a cryptocurrency payment POS system. It integrates seamlessly with both the mobile app and website and ensures compliance with all technical standards. 

  • FrontIT created a robust system tailored for business customers, which provides them with a centralized service hub to manage their cryptocurrency payments, streamline accounting processes, and gain valuable insights into their crypto transactions. 

Achievements and Impact

The collaboration's primary outcome was the creation of a crypto payment solution applicable to web and mobile platforms. This ongoing project is pivotal in helping the client build and shape their business. 

  • Cryptocurrency Accessibility: The platform now supports over 70 cryptocurrencies, significantly expanding payment options for customers. 

  • Real-Time Transactions and Quick Settlement: Merchants can receive payments instantly via QR codes and transfer funds to their bank accounts within 1 day. 

  • Customer Reach: The system can access over 300 million crypto wallets, offering faster payment options compared to traditional banking. 

  • Business Customer CMS: A specially developed content management system enables business customers to accept cryptocurrency payments with seamless accounting integration. 

  • Enhanced Market Potential: This solution opens new opportunities for businesses to accept a growing payment method, enhancing their market reach and customer base. 

  • Client Feedback: The project has received positive feedback from clients, underlining its effectiveness in the crypto payment domain. 

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