Tech Zity

A website that can be self-managed without the help of programmers

The Brief

Tech zity is an organisation that provides other companies with the infrastructure they need to succeed, and focuses on solutions for co-living and co-collaboration across the country. Tech zity works directly with architects, designers, municipalities and local communities to ensure that their places are well integrated into their environment.

Tech Zity approached FrontIT with a clear vision for the new location - to replace an outdated and hard-to-maintain existing site. In addition to a new, elegant design, the new site had to be as adaptable as possible. 


  • WordPress

What We Did

With clear requirements and wireframes, not much thought was needed and the sign-off of the design pages started gradually.  

Due to the dynamic nature of the site's content, it was essential that the solution provided a user-friendly interface not only for the site visitors but also for the site administrators. The WordPress solution was chosen because of its simplicity and ease of content management.  

Many of the pages on the site have similar blocks, so we were able to create dozens of blocks in advance, which can then be used by the administrators to create new pages without any programming knowledge.  

The Result

With the ability to manage each part of the site independently, Tech Zity no longer has to rely on programmers to keep it busy. Not only is it easy to enter and edit new content, it is also easy to create new pages.  

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We’d love to hear your ideas and what you’re working on!