Center for Ludomani

A web-based application for an NGO creating awareness on gambling addiction.

The Brief

Center for Ludomani is a team of psychologists associated with Aarhus university hospital offering free help to those struggling with gambling addiction.

Center for Ludomani turned to us when they decided that their patients could benefit from an additional tool on their road to a gambling-free life. The application was supposed to be a source of general information about gambling, as well as a semi-personalized tool to track one’s progress and recognize risks. The Center for Ludomani was also looking for a mobile solution that would function as an app but would be easy to maintain and would not require users to download updates.

What We Did

A detailed set of requirements was finalized after a workshop with the client during which we discussed the target group of users as well as administrators. It was helpful that the client already had a clear overview of the content that they want to place on the app and the role that it should play.

One of the issues that we discovered early on was the small amount of interactivity on the app, which was not only less attractive for users, but also likely not to be accepted by the Apple Store.

Because the application that we will be creating is less interactive and more informative and does not leverage any native features, there is a high probability for it to be rejected by the app store. Therefore, for the initial launch we suggested releasing the application as a progressive web app. First-time users will have to access their browser to reach the application, but after saving it as a shortcut, they will be able to reach it directly from their home screens. 

For future development we can consider including the use of native features (integrating with the calendar, mobile camera, Siri, contacts, music, etc.), which will increase the probability of our application being accepted by the app store. 

To boost user engagement, we suggested some features that would make the text-heavy application slightly more interactive, like being able to highlight and save text excerpts that the user finds useful.

The Result

We we’re able to create a web-based application that not only checked all the requirements for the client, but was finalized ahead of time despite a tight deadline. Shortly after the launch we provided training to a CfL representative who then presented the application to the therapists that will use it with their patients.

We were impressed with their professionalism and the fact that we didn’t need to explain the project in great detail — they understood us and worked extremely quickly. Moreover, they were more cost-effective than the other providers and overall, we got a high-quality process. Everything was very transparent and we didn’t feel left out — we could follow every single step easily.

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