eCommerce website for a Scandinavian art shop.

Project Overview

Illux is a Danish company that specializes in a variety of custom art printing solutions for private customers, professional photographers, and businesses. Their services are diverse, including: 

  • Personal photo printing 

  • Prints of famous Scandinavian paintings 

  • Custom-designed banners and flags 


Our cooperation with Illux, which started in 2007, has developed into a long-term partnership. Since then, it has enabled Illux to expand its offerings and enhance business functionalities, thanks to a webshop solution with integrated customized self-service modules.

 Fulfilling Illux's objectives required a deep understanding of the unique products they sell, the pre-purchase decisions of their customers, and the complex business processes they navigate. This comprehensive  approach involved numerous client workshops and multiple iterations of wireframes and designs, ultimately leading to an optimal solution that catered to Illux’s specific needs. 


Our Solutions for Illux's Digital Transformation

We implemented key business solutions to address their unique needs, focusing on user experience, product customization, and seamless operational integration. These solutions included: 


A fast and responsive user interface: It allows customers to effortlessly configure products, upload files, design custom items, and preview their creations. It manages the complexities of Illux's product range, accommodating the interactions between product selections. For example, choosing canvas printing unlocks options for larger sizes and more framing varieties compared to glass plate printing. 

Extensively customized pricing structure for their products 

Streamlined checkout process: It is designed to minimize distractions, simplifying the path to purchase. 

Direct integration with production and accounting: We automated the flow of production instructions and customer orders to the production department and ensured seamless data transfer to the accounting system (SAP). 

Special support for VIP orders: A system was put in place for customer support to easily manage orders for VIP customers or those with special requests, allowing for a simple payment link and order completion process. 

Self-service modules integration: they were incorporated to enhance customer service allowing customers easy checkout process, data access and custom product configuration. 


The technical solutions mainly included Magento, TypeScript, and KnockoutJS.   

Magento was chosen for its extensive e-commerce capabilities, and the availability of plugins, making it an ideal foundation for Illux’s complex product offerings and operational requirements. 


TypeScript and KnockoutJS were selected for technical reasons. KnockoutJS allowed us to develop a fast and responsive custom interface for shop visitors, while TypeScript saved a lot of development time by preventing a whole class of problems. 

Outcome Highlights

Our initial collaboration with Illux was focused on establishing their online presence. This effort paid off significantly, as the webshops played an important role in the company's growth. Following Illux's acquisition of a competing firm, we developed a new webshop for the newly added product line, seamlessly integrating it with the existing platforms. In 2015, we launched an entirely updated version of the webshop, quickly complemented by a dedicated platform for business clients. By 2018, we introduced a third webshop, specifically designed to cater to the needs of professional photographers.  

Thanks to customized self-service modules, Illux also achieved remarkable results in enhancing customer experience. Customer feedback was very positive and showed appreciation towards a simplified client journey and process optimization. 

As Illux expanded, their vision for their webshops evolved to cover a wider range of business operations. Our active collaboration continues to this day. 

Since 2007, we have been working with Front IT on the development of ecommerce solutions that have evolved in size and complexity over the years while we, as a business, have grown. We have always been pleased with the technical expertise and response time at Front IT and we stayed with them based on our trust in their work. What sets them apart is that they can translate our normal language into a programmed feature. Other developers have a hard time with that type of task. They are also really solution-based and agile. We’ve changed the scope on the fly before and they’ve been really good about that.

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