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E-commerce website for Scandinavian art shop.

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Web apps

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We created a concept and developed the Illux webshop, where customers can order various kinds of art (wallpapers, wall stickers, framed prints) to be printed either from their personal photos or from a large gallery of artwork created by famous Scandinavian artists.

The orders can be further customized by selecting the required size (including the "elephant size"), framing options, color themes and other aspects. Customers can also get an on-the- fly preview of the end product. 

The webshop is built on Magento, includes extensive customization, and is integrated with SAP and the printing department, handling the full cycle from ordering to production and delivery.


Since the beginning, we have been working with FrontIT on the development of ecommerce solutions that have evolved in size and complexity over the years while we, as a business, have grown. We have always been pleased with the technical expertise and response time at FrontIT.


Henrik Eggert

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