Perlas GO

A mobile app for convenient and free-of-charge periodic payments.

About the project

Perlas Group, a financial services provider, offers a wide range of services, including:

  • bill payments- utility fees, various taxes (road vignettes, fishing permits, park visitor tickets), and prepaid phone bill replenishment.
  • finance management- customers can conduct cash transfers, withdrawals, and deposits.
  • additional services- Perlas Group also offers lotteries, insurance services, and credit options through its terminals.

Most of the services are available through an extensive network of terminals located in most supermarkets and stores nationwide.

Perlas Group recognized the shift towards mobile-first solutions and identified the need to replicate the convenience and accessibility of their terminal network on mobile devices. The project's objective was to launch the PerlasGo mobile application, "moving the terminal to a mobile phone" and thus making financial services accessible on smartphones and tablets.

Developing the Perlas GO application presented a unique challenge: Integrating the existing, well-established system supporting the vast terminal network with a user-friendly mobile application. FrontIT development team focused on creating an intuitive user experience with frictionless payment processes. Our key focus was on integrating Self Service features, essential for empowering users to manage their transactions autonomously, anytime and anywhere, without compromising on security or functionality.

Solution Highlights

To seamlessly integrate the Perlas GO app with the existing infrastructure, two key solutions were implemented:

  • Independent backend system- the app operates on a backend system that seamlessly integrates with the Commercial Services system via an API.All payment data is transferred to the Commercial Services system and the existing Commercial Services solution is used for settlements with service providers, partners and intermediaries. Additionally, invoice data for user payments is periodically synced between the two systems.
  • Flexible Data Loading- To accommodate the diverse data formats from different service providers, FrontIT developed a data-loading subsystem to unify it without any changes for providers. The system ensures flexibility and helps to avoid the necessity for constant software changes.

The Perlas GO app delivers a user-friendly experience and empowers users with a range of convenient self-service features. Users can:

  • scan and manually enter invoices
  • schedule recurring payments
  • choose from a comprehensive list of service providers and pay for individual invoices or the entire payment list at once
  • create and easily manage multiple payment lists
  • select their preferred payment method choosing either integrated e-banking systems or cash at any Perlas terminal nationwide
  • receive timely reminders for upcoming bills and access a detailed payment history

Additionally, the Perlas GO app is integrated with the developing PIS (Payment Initiation Service) system, enabling future payments through Lithuanian banks.

The Result

The Perlas GO app has seen remarkable success since its launch, offering a convenient and user-friendly way to manage finances. Available on major app stores (Apple, Google, and Huawei), it has facilitated over 1.5 million bills paid per month. With over 2,500 service providers on board, 80% of new bills are submitted through QR scanning, further streamlining the payment process. The app has also successfully reached a new demographic, attracting tech-savvy users who previously didn't utilize Perlas terminals. This shift towards mobile payments is evident with over 65,000 carts paid per quarter, showcasing the app's widespread adoption. Additionally, the app has gained highly positive customer feedback, proving to be a valuable tool for managing finances on the go.

We’ve been happy with their performance so far. The team always does its best and is quick to react when there are issues with the apps. The servers went down a few months ago and Front IT acted as soon as possible. They allocated resources to help us within 1–2 hours and they fixed the issue in the shortest possible time. It was a server issue, so it wasn’t their fault that the app went down, but they still helped us.

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