Custom-developed digital documentation tool for self-inspection and quality assurance.

What We Did

For one of our longest collaborators, Dokon, we created EDOC. EDOC is a scalable, flexible and user-friendly documentation tool for performing audits, self-inspections, information logging and quality management. It’s a powerful and flexible solution that is being used every day by thousands of workers in clinics, kitchens, business chains and consulting companies. 

The web-based administrative module allows for generation of regulatory-compliant reports, downloadable for submission to the authorities. In addition, alarms can be configured to notify managers when employees don’t perform the controls on time or their results indicate failures. 

The system was just recently improved with a progressive web app and updated with a new face-lifted design.

Some of the main features include:

  • Its’ scalable. EDOC can be used not only for self-inspection, it’s designed to be used for quality assurance as well.

  • Users can customize the system to fit their needs perfectly. It’s easy to make changes or adaptations and create new forms.

  • Starting with EDOC requires no training and soon becomes a part of the daily workflow;

  • EDOC’s report module ensures full documentation. With flexible report choices users get both the aggregated view and the opportunity to dip into specific details.

  • The statistics module gives users a quick overview of the use of EDOC and highlights where there might be problems in the organization.


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We’d love to hear your ideas and what you’re working on!