Symfony is one of the leading PHP-based frameworks for bespoke software development.

Symfony is a PHP framework that is based on the Model-View-Contoller (MVC) paradigm. It is designed to help in the construction of enterprise level web applications. It is an open source product aiming to provide tools for faster creation of web applications by minimising repetitive tasks and ensuring easier maintenance.

Like some other popular open source solutions, Symfony was originally intended to be used as a proprietary system with which to service its creator’s - the interactive agency SensioLabs – customers. It was then made available for general use in 2005.

Today, Symfony is one of the leading PHP-based open source frameworks. It is used by tens of thousands of web applications globally in various industries, while its components are used by many open source PHP projects worldwide, e.g. phpBB, EZ Publish and Drupal, to build their applications.

Symfony is actively maintained, developed and documented by a large community of developers, including SensioLabs, the original creator.


While FrontIT does provide development services using a number of publicly available frameworks, Symfony is often a default choice for highly complex projects that require robust implementation of extensibility and scalability for web applications and compliance with high security standards and ease of maintenance.

We achieve these results by building on our extensive experience with the framework, using Symfony best practices, keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advances and by exercising strict quality control and project management techniques.

While working on Symfony projects, our experienced team of professionals have gained the kind of skill in application of the framework that only comes with years of experience. That allows us to provide higher quality services quickly and cost-effectively, and to be able by stand by our promise to offer you quality end-to- end Symfony-based solutions.

FrontIT Symfony Development Services include:

  • Symfony-based portal development
  • Symfony development, custom plugin or bundle development
  • Symfony component development
  • Consulting services
  • Migration of customer/legacy applications
  • Maintenance and support
  • Outsourcing (body-shopping) of experienced Symfony developers


With the help of FrontIT, you will be able leverage the benefits provided by the Symfony framework:


In the world of “world-wide-wait”, the responsiveness of your website can be a decisive factor in either gaining an additional customer or losing one. Symfony was, from the very beginning, designed with a strong focus on performance and the effective use of computing resources, and it outperforms competing PHP frameworks significantly. Symfony fares well against other feature-rich frameworks, but less feature-rich alternatives like Silex are, unsurprisingly, faster.


Not least today, there is hardly a more important topic than the security of sensitive data in the online environment – be it information about customers or proprietary business information. Symfony provides a set of robust security features and advanced algorithms that cover all the common requirements, e.g. authentication and authorisation, loading users, data protection, secure password storage, and so on.


Regardless of the scope of the project or your business needs, Symfony will be able to scale and adapt to your requirements– an ability that is built into the framework by design, and supported further by the entire ecosystem and open source business model—the MIT license.


From the Sympfony core to the components of varying size and complexity, everything within the framework is considered to be a "plug-in" that provides som special additional functionality. These separate building blocks communicate with each other via the system interface contacts and therefore can be easily added, configured, shared and reused as needed without necessitating a complete rework or reconfiguration of the solution.


Your investment in Symfony is safe thanks to the huge community of seasoned professionals developing, extending, and supporting the framework. Major versions of Symfony are also formally supported for 3 years by the original creator, SensioLabs. SensioLabs has also committed to maintain compatibility between minor versions of Symfony through stable interfaces, as defined in the public API.

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