A custom-built online platform for creating employee surveys to improve work environment.

The Brief

APVKvik specializes in risk assessments (APVs) that companies in Denmark are legally required to use to better understand their employees’ perception of the workplace, its risks and hazards. APVKvik offers a service that lets companies create surveys to perform these assessments. Employees can fill out the surveys and reporting/recommendations can be generated based on the responses.

The system providing this service was originally built by a Danish developer many years ago. When the project scope started getting bigger and the original developer left the project, APVKvik selected us to take over the system maintenance and further development.


What We Did

The long-term goal is to make sure the system stays competitive by adding new features upon APVKvik request. The most important task for us was to identify risks and shortcomings in the system and explain them to the customer so they can be properly addressed. This was crucial for ensuring system stability/reliability in the long run.

After evaluating these risks, we agreed on a plan for aligning feature development and system modernization/maintenance work and this dual approach continues to this day.

The system itself has an extensive question database, industry-oriented question templates, visual statistics dashboard, really effective result tracking and action plans. The surveys can be created using templates, establishing a perfect balance between custom and standard. Based on PHP, the platform combines original framework-less code with Symfony components.

Significant system improvements over the last couple of years include:

  • Extended assessment reporting, helping the customers review the feedback from their employees, identify problem areas, and plan improvements;

  • Simplified new customer onboarding for large system resellers;

  • A mobile-friendly application for employees, streamlining their interactions with the system and replacing the old user interface;

  • Case reporting functionality, allowing employees and admins to easily report health and safety problems in the workplace;

  • A system security assessment using OWASP methodologies, further raising the bar against security threats.

We also continuously scale the system, replacing outdated parts with improved new alternatives and ensuring a consistent technical direction.

The Result

To this day, we help APVKvik stay competitive and add new features without collapsing under the weight of the old system. We also help them expand to new markets and greatly reduce user friction.

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We’d love to hear your ideas and what you’re working on!