Vue.js is a frontend Javascript framework that is used to create user interfaces and applications. These are usually web-based, although Vue.js can also be used to develop mobile and desktop applications. In short, Vue.js provides a comprehensive tool set for developing, organizing, and scaling your user interfaces and front-end applications.

Vue.js was developed by Evan You, while working at Google. It was created out of Evan’s desire to create a flexible and lightweight but high-performing set of tools for building applications. In doing so, Evan took many of the best ideas from other frameworks, such as two-way data binding and the utilization of virtual DOM for instance, while doing away with some of the complexity that he felt made them cumbersome. The result was a lightweight and streamlined framework that zoned in on the view layer of applications. It’s small size, ease-of-use, and powerful features are the reason Vue.js continues to grow in popularity and it looks poised to be a big part of the future of web applications.

Examples of companies that have already made use of Vue.js in order to enhance their web application and overall user experience include Facebook, Netflix, Alibaba, and Grammarly.


Vue.js’ main strength lies in its ability to create lean but powerful user interfaces for a host of applications. Being developed in Javascript, it is easy to integrate into other applications built on Javascript frameworks. This also allows for simple backwards compatibility when upgrading existing parts of your application. Its progressive design allows you to start additional development off on a small scale and allow them to grow with needs of your application.

In summary:

  • Lightweight, yet powerful
  • Easy to integrate into existing applications
  • Progressive framework
  • Reusable components



Vue.js’ small size and minimalist approach focuses on the development of the view layer of applications. This allows you to create powerful user interfaces and as well as performant single page applications.

Easy Integration

Vue.js can be easily integrated into your existing applications without compromising your application’s present functionality or upsetting your current development ecosystem.

Simple, But Scalable

Being a progressive framework, you can simply plug Vue.js into a single part of your application and go from there; allowing it to grow organically as required.

Reusable Components

Like other Javascript frameworks, Vue.js is component-based, which means you can create small, reusable parts and put them together to make a larger, complex application. This allows for better organization of your application, makes it easier to develop and improve individual components when upgrading it, and allows you to integrate components into existing parts of your application.

HTML Templates

Thanks to its system of directive and interpolation, Vue.js has a simple templating system that allows HTML files to act as templates. This makes it easy for those familiar with HTML and CSS to create highly functional templates in Vue.js

Two Way Data Binding

Taking one of the best aspects of Angular, Vue.js utilizes two-way data binding to make real-time changes to data from user input. This reduces the amount of processing work that has to be carried out by your application and enhances its performance and the overall user experience.

Virtual DOM

Vue.js makes use of a virtual DOM to render user interfaces. This significant reduces the need to update the actual DOM during user interactions which reduces the computational expense of your application, making it faster and more efficient.


At FrontIT, we understand the benefits of this powerful framework and the part it plays in the future of front-end applications. We can help you to:

  • Create performant, lightweight front-end applications
  • Build custom components and plugins for your existing applications
  • Upgrade and future-proof your existing applications
  • Improve your user interfaces, navigation, and overall user experience of your applications


FrontIT can help you at every stage of the software development cycle: from initial consultations and creation of a concept to product development, testing, training, and maintenance and support.

Our team of skilled software engineers has extensive experience in developing web applications using Javascript ranging from simple single page applications for SMEs to complex applications for large organisations. Our experience will allow us to determine the best way to use Vue.js to build you a web application from scratch, or the best way to integrate it into your existing applications to create fast simple user interfaces for an enhanced user experience.

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