Development and maintenance of a multi-functional platform that increases user engagement, scales offerings and cuts costs

Loto.lt: Expanding Functionality and Increasing User Engagement

Loto.lt, a leading Lithuanian e-lottery platform, partnered with FrontIT for continuous development and maintenance of their multi-functional platform which includes a website, mobile app and administrative system. The platform covers a broad variety of features, such as traditional draw-based lotteries with different prize structures, online ticket sales, up to date information on lottery results and winning numbers, loyalty program, gamification and access to in house and third-party games. FrontIT's ongoing engagement aimed to enhance platform functionality and ultimately increase user engagement and revenue for Loto.lt. 


Solution Highlights

  • Technology Choice- FrontIT utilized PHP, a server-side scripting language, for its versatility in generating dynamic content, managing database interactions, and enhancing overall platform functionality. This technology choice fostered a flexible system capable of adapting to evolving needs.
  • Agile Methodology- it allowed for continuous quick releases of new functionalities and technical improvements.
  • A Dedicated Team- currently a team of developers, BA, QA and PM is involved in the project to ensure continuous product support, monitoring and new development. Besides the stable team supporting members assist in ensuring quick response to urgent system issues after working hours.
  • Tailoring Solution to Loto.lt's Needs- During this ongoing collaboration, the Business Analyst (BA) and experienced developers work closely with Loto.lt to transform their business ideas into reality. The client presents their vision for a new feature, service, or lottery. The BA then dives deep to identify optimal technical solutions, documenting the final requirements in alignment with the client's needs. This ensures a smooth transition from concept to development.
  • Incorporation of Self-Service Modules- the modules implemented within the project, provide a broad spectrum of functionality to customers, for example buying different types of lottery tickets and checking the results online, ordering a lottery subscription online, buying lottery ticket as a gift to another person, accumulating loyalty points and using them for buying lottery tickets, transferring money from e-wallet to the bank account and more.

Key Achievements

The continuous partnership between Loto.lt and FrontIT has helped to propel the client's business forward. The implementation of Self Service modules has innovated the platform, offering customers a simplified journey in purchasing tickets, checking results, managing subscriptions, and engaging with a loyalty program, among other functionalities. Our long-term collaboration with Loto.lt has fostered a team of developers with deep expertise in the platform. This deep understanding has enabled us to work efficiently, allowing Loto.lt to scale their offerings and optimize costs. This successful partnership has contributed to a significant expansion of their user base and a noteworthy over 10% increase in revenue.

"FrontIT is an invaluable partner, providing 24/7 support for our operations. Their dedicated team ensures smooth daily activities and offers expert insights for developing new projects, like additional ways to play lottery or gamification incentives. ​​With over 3.5 million monthly transactions, their professional and timely IT services are vital to our ongoing success."

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