Free IT
Health Check

It's a service that allows you to assess whether your IT solutions and systems are efficient, secure, meet the latest standards and the needs of your business. During the audit, we can review everything from e-shop and resource management systems to databases, electronic payment solutions, and other integrations.

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The Audit

During this process, we will evaluate not only the security of the tools and systems you use, but also how effective they are in helping you achieve your business goals. Your security doesn't solely depend on you. It depends on the security of your partner solutions as well! Having this in mind, we'll review all the connections/integrations to make sure your standard/unique solution technologies are still supported and updated in a timely manner.


The Results

We will walk you through the results and what they show about the condition and security of the IT systems you use. We will provide an analysis of IT system performance gaps and suggestions on how to better implement your desired functionality or eliminate emerging issues.


First Steps Together

After signing the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and making sure you're familiar with the process, we will perform an initial audit of your IT systems. Based on the results of the audit, we will make specific suggestions on what could be changed or improved in your overall IT architecture.

I want a personalized offer!

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