PhoneGap is a hybrid framework for the development of mobile applications that provides a CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript wrapper for building cross-platform software. It was created by Nitobi and acquired by Adobe Systems in 2011, then later made available for general use via an open source version of the product under the name Apache Cordova – a state-of-the-art framework that many major players in the industry – Microsoft, Google, Intel, Mozilla and others – contribute to.

PhoneGap itself is a separate version and subsystem that runs on top of Cordova – being an open source framework, it allows other wrappers to be built on top of it – providing additional tools and services for building mobile software applications. The same principle of higher level wrappers is also utilised by many other popular products, such as TACO, Visual Studio, Cocoon, Intel XDK, and many others.

PhoneGap/Cordova eliminates the need to rely on the proprietary APIs of modern mobile OS'es – iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Instead, industry standard languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, can be used, and then translated into platform-tailored code by the framework so it is then able to run on the device without any additional dependencies.


  • PhoneGap allows the reuse of existing web-based code (HTML/JavaScript) for faster and more cost-effective development of mobile applications.
  • Unlike some other frameworks for hybrid application development, PhoneGap can provide access to the HTML5-ready native capabilities of the OS/device, such as GPS, accelerometer, camera, vibration, etc., allowing your cross-platform code to make use of those features.
  • PhoneGap supports versioning for multiple mobile platforms.
  • Development using web-based technology, such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript, ensures higher efficiency and lower development costs compared to more specialized languages such as Objective-C.
  • Provides tools, features, and technologies for faster and easier development and testing processes, including an AIR simulator, site-specific versioning, and access to client APIs and Objective-C code.
  • PhoneGap supports all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
  • PhoneGap is based on an open source product (Cordova)


At FrontIT we have many years of experience developing PhoneGap-based mobile apps, starting from the very first release. From idea to design to the product go-live and beyond – our team of seasoned professionals will be able to translate your business needs into a modern software solution that takes into account your specific requirements for timeframes, UX, security aspects, and much more.

By leveraging PhoneGap, we can develop cost-effective, modern, dynamic mobile applications that are convenient to use, robust, scalable, and responsive, i.e., capable of working on multiple device form-factors.


Our clients' requirements are the most important focus for us – by identifying them, we can give advice on the best way forward and work closely together with the customer along the way – from concept to design to go-live – to make sure we are building the right product – be it a web application or an app for a smartphone or tablet – in the right way. Our extensive experience in mobile application development, documented by a track record of delivery and a list of happy customers, allows us to understand needs better, foresee risks and challenges, and address them before they become a problem.

The values and drivers of our business are:

  • Delivery at the agreed time and price
  • Management of the project in a fully transparent and Agile way, or according to customer requirements
  • Open and effective communication
  • User experience is the cornerstone of our solutions
  • No strings attached – no hidden costs.

Hire our tightly knit team of professionals and let us to help you to achieve more in your business by creating UX-focused, feature-rich, integrated, robust and scalable solutions:

  • Front IT's team of developers are experienced in delivering solutions on multiple different platforms and operating systems
  • Front IT's development and management processes utilise industry-standard best practices,
  • Front IT has experience working with and understanding the needs of many industries and clients: travel, public, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, telco, ERP and document management, and many more.
  • Front IT provides development of custom solution services with specific or cross-platform targets, as well as porting application between/to iOS, Android, Windows Phone.
  • Front IT can also customise, maintain, integrate and trouble-shoot legacy, third-party or open source solutions, applications, or application packages.

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