TYPO3 CMS is the engine behind over 300,000 web sites worldwide, ranging from global companies and organisations to universities, small businesses, and non-profit organisations, such as: Volkswagen, Air France, New York Times, Lufthansa, Ford, Samsung, Stanford University, General Electric, Konica-Minolta, Leica Microsystems. Will you be the next in the list?


TYPO3 is a free, powerful, enterprise-class open- source content management system (CMS) platform based on PHP. It is a modern and sophisticated site building tool for virtually any website type: home pages, blogs, newspapers, blogs, e-commerce, educational, etc., designed specifically with the needs of both enterprise and corporate clients in mind.


Power is nothing without control! Naturally, the power of TYPO3 comes with a more or less steep learning curve, and these don’t go together with “quick wins” – potentially resulting in mixed outcomes in terms of quality. That is where FrontIT comes in.

FrontIT offers immediate resources to increase and expedite your TYPO3 return on investment (ROI). Working alone or together with your business, our software engineers will get TYPO3 CMS deployed, customised, and up & running quickly. Utilising our best practices, project management, and support services you’ll gain critical access to our trained experts to assist in urgent and late product development cases, and during on-going website maturation.


A TYPO3 website with its main extensions that are readily available benefits from a quick access to multi-level page hierarchy, regardless of complexity of the website’s structure. Pages will also support various templates and on those templates content elements would be easily manipulated, and unlike many other popular CMS out there, giving the end users a rough idea of how the page will look on the front-end.

With the help of FrontIT, TYPO3 will be perfectly scalable for your ambitious plans for the future.  The power of customer registration, password protected pages, multiple web sites in a single installation for easier management and sharing of templates and functionality, built-in content versioning & workflows, and multi-language content support is ready to be unleashed right from the core with minimal configuration.  And did we mention TYPO is mobile-friendly out of the box as well?

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