WooCommerce was originally developed as a plugin for WordPress, which is the most commonly used content management system. The goal of WooCommerce is to enable both small and big businesses using WordPress to have e-shop functionality on their websites.

The initial version of WooCommerce was released in 2011 and was very well received by the WordPress community due to its straightforward installation, rich customisation and, finally, because it was a free product.

As of today, WooCommerce has been downloaded more than 4 million times and is estimated to be running on more than 2 million active stores worldwide. These numbers are noteworthy and attest to the great popularity of WooCommerce, which is a result of a combination of robustness, functionality, no- cost/open-source licensing, and the extensive availability of additional add-ons and themes.

Like WordPress, WooCommerce is a highly customisable, modular software solution that can be developed further for specific needs. Or, you can choose from the many readily available packages - add-ons, themes and so on – including more than 400 official ones provided by more than 350 contributors around the globe.


WooCommerce is an excellent choice for someone who has no e-commerce experience, especially if they have used WordPress previously. Right out of the box it will offer:

  • A shared experience with the highly popular WordPress CMS and its renowned user-friendliness
  • Support for custom product types and attributes, as well as an unlimited number of productss
  • Robust extension system, based on the WordPress plugin architecture
  • Integration with the most common payment processors via extensions
  • Rich selections of free and paid themes and extensions, such as Google Analytics
  • The REST API and extensive documentation, as well as developers’ support
  • SSL support for secure communications and other basic security features

Are you thinking about using WooCommerce? Please let us help you on this journey.


FrontIT has been developing web-applications and e-commerce solutions for more than 10 years. We have in-depth knowledge of WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as other technologies like PHP, WP- CLI, and AJAX; our product creation process is governed by strict quality assurance standards and Agile project delivery methodology.

By choosing FrontIT for your WooCommerce project, you’ll be able to leverage our extensive experience in building custom WooCommerce solutions for different industries. We will serve as a one-stop development services provider for your custom solution – from idea to finished product:

  • Tailored design and project plan to fit your budget and schedule needs
  • Dedicated product owner/project manager as a single point of contact during the project
  • Extensive expertise and a proven track record of successfully delivered e-commerce and general web projects
  • Full range of services: development, design, customisation, migration, maintenance & support


There plenty of functional products to choose from today, including content management systems and e- commerce platforms. It can be a time-consuming, difficult task to choose the right one, and it is necessary to consider all available options carefully to find out which solution checks the most boxes. We believe that WooCommerce would very often be at the top of the list, because:


As an open-source product, WooCommerce is free to download and use. And that does not mean that the product you get has no functionality, far from it! WooCommerce offers a rich feature set right out of the box to enable you to start selling online easily.


Perhaps one of the key strengths of the WordPress/WooCommerce tandem is the extensive flexibility that can be applied immediately after installing the site. Product categories? – Checked! Custom attributes? – Checked! Sale prices? – Checked! Physical products? Virtual ones? Shippable or downloadable? – All checked! As well as countless other options that are available straight from the box.


Since it is a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce leverages the power and functionality of WordPress and enables users to have the same look-and- feel and the same user experience across their whole portal – be it an e-store, a blog, or a professional website.

The importance of this unified experience can hardly be exaggerated – with WordPress powering more than 20 million websites worldwide; many users will appreciate and feel right at home with the user- friendly WordPress interface, thereby lowering the learning curve and increasing productivity throughout the entire development process.


Following the principles of its core platform, WooCommerce is no slouch when it comes to the availability of customisation options – both free and paid-for. There are countless themes and functional extensions, ranging from accounting and payment gateways to reporting and more, all available for download. And if there’s nothing available that is right for the job, FrontIT will build one that will fit your needs exactly.


One of the key things for any business is to have a clear picture of how things are going – to be able to collect, store, and present business-critical data whenever needed.

WooCommerce has that covered as well! Built-in analytics and reporting systems provide a complete overview of sales, orders, individual customers, and much more – all just few clicks away, presented in professionally-designed reports and tables.


High flexibility and extensive customisation options ensure that your investment in WooCommerce is safe because the system will be able to grow together with your business. The themes, extensions, templates and the core itself can always be tweaked to suit your changing needs or business environment, while the WordPress REST API provides nearly limitless possibilities for integration with third-party systems if needed.

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