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Drupal and FrontIT

FrontIT has an extensive experience with Drupal; in-fact, majority of our customers chose Drupal as their back-end CMS platform. By giving Drupal platform a high focus of our development team, we strive to be known as experts and not generalists as much as possible, and our Drupal-using customer base is solid proof of that.

Whether you’re working on a small-scale website, or investing in a development of a large e-commerce website – FrontIT is here for you as a one-stop-shop development services provider, crafting our services package to suit your needs and your budget:

  • Custom Drupal development
  • Drupal deployment
  • Drupal CMS customisation
  • Drupal Website creation
  • Drupal-based e-commerce development
  • Drupal theme design, development, customisation, and adaptation
  • Drupal template design, development, customisation, and adaptation
  • Drupal module design and development
  • Migration from other CMS into Drupal
  • Drupal integration with third-party systems and solutions
  • Drupal ongoing maintenance, support, and troubleshooting

By choosing FrontIT services you’ll gain critical access to our experienced team to utilise our best practices, project management, and support to assist in you new or existing Drupal deployments, and during on-going website maturation.

Drupal is free... or is it?

Drupal is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (or “GPL”), which means anyone is free to download it and share it with others. The fundamental principle of open-source concept is that one can distribute products and provide services created with the software, but cannot re-sell or distribute the software itself. So, by choosing Drupal, users incur zero licensing costs - Drupal can be downloaded and used free of charge indeed. And the community-based help and support is readily available free of charge as well, which increases the confidence over using Drupal.

However, to maximise the value of your choice, we do recommend selecting and leveraging the experience of professional Drupal consultants, such as ourselves. Being a solution of such magnitude, Drupal naturally carries inherent complexity, a huge number of community provided themes, modules, templates, etc. of various quality that could be very hard to assess up-front and extremely difficult to master and/or customise.

At FrontIT, we help clients to avoid trial & error experiences, the infamous steep learning curve of Drupal, and related time and financial waste. We help define and execute the most cost-effective, and feature-rich solution that will ensure a top-notch user experience, while managing the process as a comprehensive project - from analysis of business requirements to the Drupal-based design, development, testing, deployment, and/or support and maintenance. The effectiveness of your investments is our definition of success!

Why choose Drupal?

There are number of good reasons why Drupal should be chosen. Here are some of them:

Stellar Reputation

Drupal is globally perceived as one of the finest website frameworks available, having, perhaps, the most influential global open source community. With almost 1.3 million deployments and more than 37,000 contributed modules, Drupal has proved its immense value when it comes to creating and managing the best websites possible.

Worldwide Community

Drupal benefits from the concentrated innovation from its open source community with over a million of members – software engineers, design specialists, content writers and editors, journalists, supporters, corporate sponsors, etc. This ensures significant safety of the investment and sustainability for Drupal websites into the future over the lifecycle of its technological durability.

Security at the forefront

Nothing is more important than security when it comes to a successful website. Nothing. The Drupal code meets industry standard best practices, overseen by a dedicated security team responsible for achieving numerous goals, including fast and timely resolution of reported security issues, assistance to third-party developers in fixing security issues in their code, as well as extensive documentation of best security practices to help developers write secure code from the start


Open-source content management system (CMS) Drupal is strongly advocated as benefiting from high accessibility (owing to Drupal's code standards), at the same time being one of the most cost-efficient content management systems - considering the intense competition among different CMS in the market.

When it comes to managing and editing the content, content accessibility might not be perceived as top priority aspect, but websites based on Drupal are by default compliant with accessibility standards, such as WCAG 2.0 AA / AAA or AODA".

Integration with third-party and Legacy systems

Integrating legacy systems is one of the key concerns for many businesses whenever any new system is getting selected. Drupal is no exception and the good news is that it provides means of seamless integration with existing ecosystems, such as email, analytics, marketing automation, and other digital tech solutions.

A true global player

Moreover, Drupal features excellent multilingual and globalization support to make it a perfect fit for worldwide digital experiences. Drupal interface translations means Drupal speaks everyone's language.

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