Perlas CS

Maintenance & further development of the commercial service system for the largest trade & financial service network in Lithuania.

The Brief

Perlas Group provides various financial services, such as collection of utility and other fees, cash transfers/withdrawals, prepaid phone bill replenishment, insurance brokerage services, loans, banking services, etc.

Perlas Group has a well-developed network of terminals where most of the above services are available. The terminals can be found in almost every supermarket or store in the country, which is very convenient for people as this also guarantees that financial services are available outside usual business hours.

The terminals “communicate” with the Commercial Service system, which serves as the “backbone” of the entire system: it processes requests received from the terminals, communicates with other systems (eg. insurance companies), calculates payments with customers/partners and records all of the data needed.

The network of Perlas terminals is still predominant in the country (there are more terminals than ATMs in Lithuania), but customers also want to use the services through channels such as mobile phones, self-service cash registers, etc. It’s therefore necessary to expand and make full use of the possibilities of the current Commercial Service system, adapting it to the changing customer needs.


  • JAVA
  • Hibernate
  • JAVA 1.8
  • Micronaut framework
  • Liquibase
  • Swagger
  • Postgres
  • DB2

What We Did

It’s important to note that the product itself was not created by us. We took over further maintenance and development in November 2019. The Commercial Services system itself was developed by the American company IGT (International Game Technology, formerly known as Gtech). However, when the need arose to expand the platform according to the changing needs of the client, further development and maintenance was entrusted to us.

Since the takeover, the functional changes required by Perlas Group have been successfully implemented, e.g., integration with a new insurance company, accounting changes, adaptation to changes in the systems of other insurance companies. A roadmap of technical system updates was also drawn up and technical updates were carried out in parallel with the functional changes of the system. All of this will allow the system to "keep up" technically and to implement new functionality whenever it’s needed in the future.

The Result

The system has been successfully taken over and is further developed according to the needs of Perlas Group. With 2,500+ active service providers, Perlas CS processes about 100,000 payments per day. In total, we're currently working or have worked on 15 different projects together, so it's definitely a long-lasting partnership we're really proud of.

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