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The .NET Framework was introduced by Microsoft more than 15 years ago and serves as an open source cross-platform development platform. More than 6 million developers worldwide use it for the development of web, mobile, gaming, IoT, desktop, cloud, and microservices software, while an estimated 25,000+ developers and more than 1,700 companies contribute to the .NET platform.

The .NET Framework was designed to support building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services, serving as:

  • A consistent object-oriented programming environment that is independent of the location of storage or execution of an object code.
  • An environment that minimises software deployment and versioning conflicts.
  • A platform that builds all communication on industry standards and ensures that the code based on the .NET Framework can integrate with any other code.
  • An environment promoting reliable execution of code: this is of great importance in the case of unknown, untrusted, or partially-trusted 3rd parties.
  • A basis for avoiding the performance problems that frequently affect scripted or interpreted environments.
  • An enabler of a consistent experience across widely varying types of apps.

Core .NET Features

  • Interoperability

    One of the key benefits of .NET Framework is its ability to work with a wide range of other languages, newer and older programs and systems, including those that execute outside of the .NET environment, making it possible for businesses to easily leverage their existing systems and technologies.

  • Language independence

    The .NET Framework defines all possible data types and programming constructs independently of the programming language. Because of that, the software can be developed, integrated, and reused as long as it is written using any conforming .NET language.

  • Type safety

    .NET Framework design also enforces information type safety to prevent ill-defined conversions, incorrect method invocations and memory size issues. This results in higher quality software products and minimises the risk of software going out of service while in production due to deeply hidden bugs.

  • Performance

    To maximise application performance, which is normally negatively impacted by modern, cross-platform interpreted languages such as Java, .NET uses a caching mechanism that puts the executable program into the .NET Native Image Cache to ensure faster application launches. Also, additional tools are provided to manually manage and perform ahead-of-time compilation and caching.

  • Portability

    The .NET Framework has been engineered to be cross-platform capable from the very start, despite the fact that Microsoft has never implemented the framework on any competing system. Therefore, implementations of .NET are available and highly accessible for different operating systems, and there is an official standardisation that is available for public reference. This means than any party is able to create compatible implementations of the framework on any platform, as dictated by business requirements.

  • Security

    With security issues becoming ever more important, .NET provides two major levels of built-in security: Code Access Security (CAS), and validation and verification (role-based security), as well as numerous techniques and a vast range of types in the security namespaces to help build secure code and create secure applications.

  • Memory management

    One of the most challenging areas issues when using older generations of programming languages such as C++, is to ensure effective and efficient memory management. Lack of such memory management often results in disastrous and very time-consuming software bugs. .NET frees developers from this concern by handling memory management itself, detecting when memory can be safely freed, and ultimately ensuring higher quality software and minimising the risk of operational down-times and data loss in the live environment.

.NET and FrontIT

FrontIT has been providing development services based on the powerful Microsoft .NET framework for more than 10 years. We offer a wide variety of .NET software solutions and services and tailor them to each client’s needs, budget, and timeframes.

Our comprehensive .NET experience includes but is not limited to the development of: ASP.NET, Windows Store apps, Windows Azure, Windows desktop, .NET mobile, .NET web services, .NET windows services, WPF / WCF / WF development.

  • Experienced team of Microsoft.NET Developers
  • Custom application development using .NET Framework
  • End-to-end project delivery of scalable, efficient solutions
  • Development using the efficient Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Our Specialty

The powerful .NET Framework programming model enables us to create fully customisable solutions for your business that work exactly the way you want them to. FrontIT’s .NET development services will create the most effective and appropriate solution within the given context for any platform, both software and hardware.

  • Web Development Services

    FrontIT has extensive experience in the development of high-performance web applications using the latest technologies, such as ASP.NET 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 4.

  • Cloud Development Services

    FrontIT has invested significantly in gaining Windows Azure-based cloud expertise, including application development, cloud and mobile services, and data storage.

  • Desktop Development Services

    The FrontIT .NET application development team has been developing Windows-based software for desktops since the foundation of the company. Whether it is a Windows GUI or a console, multidevice capable apps or WPF applications – we can do it all.

  • .NET Mobile App Development

    FrontIT developers have a track record of delivering Windows Mobile applications that provide great UIX with functionality that directly addresses the customer’s business needs.

  • Migration of legacy apps to .NET

    Migration of legacy software to new or more modern technology platforms such as Microsoft .NET Framework is a request we frequently get from our new customers. Leveraging our experience in both .NET and other technologies that legacy systems may be based on, we have helped our customers in many scenarios, such as:

    • Migrating ASP to MVC
    • Migrating VB.Net to C#
    • Migrating Java to .NET
    • Migrating .NET 1.x, 2.0, 3.x to .NET 4.0, 4.5
    • And various other legacy systems to modern .NET solutions

  • Product Customisation

    FrontIT's experienced .NET team has, on countless occasions, helped our customers to customise or extend their existing solutions with the requested functionality, integrate them with 3rd party or legacy systems/data providers such as MS Dynamics NAV, MS Dynamics AX, MS Dynamics CRM, Umbraco, and Microsoft Office Add-in. In fact, we believe that ANY platform that supports ANY kind of data exchange can be supported.

  • Other Services

    Summing up, FrontIT provides .NET solutions, .NET design and development services, as well as end-to-end delivery management, for a variety of industries, addressing their unique business needs:

    • .NET Framework based solutions for data management, reporting, and analysis (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Crystal Reports, ADO.NET, etc).
    • Service-oriented applications based on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
    • Development of Web Services development using ASP.NET.
    • Development of .NET-based Windows Services.
    • Apps running on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).
    • Migration of legacy solutions.
    • Integration with legacy/3rd party systems or .NET 3rd party tools.
    • Development of Windows Runtime Components.
    • Customisation and extension of legacy .NET products.
    • Performance analysis and tuning for .NET Applications.
    • Maintenance and Support of .NET-based solutions.
    • Project management of software development and deployment projects

Why choose us?

FrontIT is a specialised provider of custom Microsoft.NET development services. We cover the entire range of services, from consulting and design to development and deployment services, as well as supervision of project management services for your .NET projects. Let us demonstrate to you why so many customers have already chosen us as their preferred .NET service provider.

  • Fully customised and tailored solutions for your company
  • Experience with customers from advertising, E-Payments, ERP, E-Commerce, food safety, manufacturing, logistics / shipping, consulting, government and non-government organisations, retail, telco, travel & accommodation and a variety of other industries
  • Continual investigation and testing of new and emerging tools, technologies, libraries, and frameworks in .NET
  • Consultancy and guidance by our .NET professionals, helping you to define the right specifications, advising on estimates, and recommending functionality for achieving the maximum value for your business objectives.
  • Proficiency and experience in a variety of technologies, including those in cloud, desktop, and mobile environments.
  • Proven track record of successful delivery of .NET solutions to our existing customers.
  • Test Driven Development approach to provide best results and highest quality.
  • Predictable and controlled delivery through the use of Agile/Scrum practices.
  • 24/7 technical support via a variety of communication channels such as Skype, email etc.
  • 100% IP & data protection
  • 100% confidentiality via the NDA

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